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What is it?
EC_Processor was developed by:
Asko Noormets (designed the program and wrote original SAS scripts), University of Toledo
Rui Zhou (converted the SAS code to C++ and added GUI), University of Toledo
Jiquan Chen (PI of ChEAS managed forest cluster study and of USCCC), University of Toledo
David Billesbach (advice constructing the program, cross-comparison of results), University of Nebraska Lincoln
We may periodically modify the program and add functionality given sufficient interest. If you would like to be notified of these updates, please e-mail your contact information.

Downloads (last updated 07.30.2008):

1. ReadMe (rtf file, 102 KB)

2. EC_Processor package (zip file, 930 KB)

3.  Most recent ECP in SAS

4.  For more update version of the ECP, please visit: http://www4.ncsu.edu/~anoorme/ECP/



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